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This is from our friends who live out there in Africa and have learned to really trust the Lord - in every situation.

May we all learn that too.

“You who love the Lord, hate evil!

  He preserves the souls of His saints;

  He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 97 v. 10


This Monday, I took the cat to the vet and on my return a car followed me into the gate.

Out got two uniformed policemen, a man who introduced himself as CID, and our worker/gardener, Absalom. They said they were taking Absalom in for questioning over some matter but would soon return him. I invited them in, expecting them to explain matters further but they had a drink of water, sat there for 10 minutes and then went away with Absalom. About 20 minutes later Loveness, our other worker, had a phone call from Absalom saying they were not at the police station but by the cemetery and he thought they were fake policemen. He was very frightened. Just at that moment John arrived at the gate from the farm and he had just given a lift to two off-duty policemen.

And the rest, as they say, is history…. These fake guys didn’t know their way round Chegutu and were trying to go out by the back roads. They got stuck in the mud and sent Absalom to get some stones to put under the wheels. He went into a maize field and managed a quick phone call (money on his phone – another miracle). The two uniformed guys managed to escape but the driver (fake CID) was caught. In the car they found a list of information they wanted about our house (to be extracted from Absalom) and a fake search warrant for our house. These were career criminals, seriously bad men. We were in the magistrates court Thursday and Friday but no one had to testify as the man pleaded guilty – not really any alternative! We have been praying for him – he had a bad time at the hands of Chegutu CID – that is their way. His sister was in court and he had counsel. The police are still searching for the other two. We are ok. Absalom is, of course, the most shook up, as he feared for his life. We are grateful to God for several miracles so that things turned out as they did.


Celia and John


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