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It seems to be a very common human characteristic that living in a place for a long while causes you to be a bit blind to the circumstances surrounding you. The old, familiar meeting room had become rather weary and worn, but it was so familiar and friendly.  It has taken an enormous amount of planning, persitence and perspiration coupled with the objective of being put into effect in time for the coming celebration weekend to bring us to the point where we can see an amazing improvement and transformation in our surroundings.

So, we are back home for Easter! We want to thank the folk at St Philemon's who have opened thier building and hearts to us for the last few months. Thanks are needed for the people at St Bede's too, as we were able to find temporary accommodation there as well - and to the leadership at Princes Park Methodist who would willingly have made space for us while we were 'homeless'. 

We have worked hard - and learned a lot in our 'journeyings', but now look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the next phase of His work.


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