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From Michael and Sarah in Uganda.

This came in this week from Uganda, and Sarah has given her permission for it to be posted here. God has a wonderful way of working in us so that we actually learn to trust Him! We can share in the rejoicing and give thanks to God for HIs care in this situation.

Sarah writes...

We just wanted to testify.
As you know we have been praying about a two bedroom house for some good years, and just recently they actually started building in the very compound where we are. We talked with the landlord last week and the price was considerably higher than the landlord had first indicated. So each house is going to have tiled floors, it has an inside bathroom, two bedrooms, sitting room and small kitchen. The cost is quite an extra amount on top of what we currently pay, so personally I was a little demoralised.
But we sat down and reworked our budgets for next year and realised we can take a leap of faith as money that has come in throughout this year will allow us to cover the new rent at a little stretch.
The plan was to talk with the landlord this weekend and tell him we want the house and arrange the details.
Only yesterday we received an email from Avail of gift donations monthly - and we were speechless. After deciding to take a step of faith, and asking God to confirm this is the right step, God has just confirmed.
We feel like this will be the right move for us and we thank Him for the answered prayers.


Michael and Sarah, we want to join with you in your joy and thanks to the Lord.



Roy Sammons


Indeed Michael & Sarah "God is good"!

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