About us

The church moved from a rented house in Anfield to Devonshire Road in 1967, and the house was a total wreck! Work parties galore followed as the building slowly became habitable, useable and safe. We have renewed the roof, the electrics and the water supply. We have installed central heating, planned and planted the garden and now have an amazing facility to use for the Lord.

The church here has been serving the Lord both in Liverpool and overseas in a multitude of ways ever since. Over the years, we have sent teams on missions to France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Greenland and Estonia. Individuals and families have gone out overseas to different parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Some have gone for short terms, others have given themselves indefinitely.


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     We also have enjoyed running both the Alpha Course and the Marriage Course.       

We are looking to start both courses again soon.




Our Vision

A verse in the book of Revelation, chapter 22, verse 2 contains this sentence:

'The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations'

It was this verse that the Lord used to give purpose to Norman Meeten, the man through whom the church started. That purpose has directed Norman's life to this day, and also given the tone of the church that has been our vision too. It could be stated like this:

  • to express the full gospel of Jesus Christ
  • as a community of God's people
  • with a commission to go into all the world as "leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations."