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Dear Pete and all our devy road family.
Please accept our apologies for the lack of communication and lack of newsletter so far this year. Things have been a little crazy with deadlines for me Sarah to meet at Dawn before going for maternity leave and the safe arrival of baby Amps. 

I am sure you have all had the lowdown from two very excited grandparents. I finished work at dawn at 6pm on Friday 31st March. Due date for baby Amps being Saturday 1st April. Baby didn't want to delay. I went into labour at 2am. Went to hospital at 1pm. And baby Amps arrived safely at 10pm Ugandan time. We were monitored in hospital overnight and discharged the following day at 2pm. We thank God from the bottom of our hearts for a stress free and safe natural delivery. Unfortunately it wasn't painless. But baby Amps is so worth it. 

This is a repeat I am sure but our baby girl weighed 3.5kg and at her first check up a week later 3.6kg. She is now 3 weeks and is growing so fast already. We named her Kimberly Twebaze Ampumuza. We want her to grow up knowing she is fearfully and wonderfully made, exactly the way God planned, British and Ugandan. What a beautiful thing it is. 
We believe name meanings have an impact on the life of a child as they grow so we chose her names carefully to reflect the woman we believe she can become. 

Kimberly means a royal fortress. We believe she will grow up to be just that in the kingdom of God. 

Twebaze means let's thank or give thanks. That is in Michael's language rukiga. Michael taught me what it is to have a heart always full of Thanksgiving to God no matter what you go through. We are truly thankful for this precious gift God has given us in our baby girl and pray she also grows up knowing the joy in lifting up a heart of thanksgiving to God no matter what she faces in this life. 

Ampumuza is Michael's name. It is not necessarily common for Ugandans to retain the fathers name in their children but Ampumuza is a name you don't hear often and we decided to keep it as a family name. It means He makes me to rest. What a beautiful reminder that God says be still and know that I am God. That He wants us to rest in Him always.

The past weeks have had their challenges. Especially the sleepless nights. A few nights I have been overwhelmed with emotion and tiredness, but God has been my rock. Be still and know. I am learning to rest in Him on an hourly basis.  Michael has also been amazing. Picking up some chores around the house. Keeping Kimberly occupied so mummy can have some mummy time. Also known as, eat food and shower. He has changed diapers, bathed her, talks to her in the baby talk voice he was very sure he would never do. Ha. She has melted his heart even more. And watching them together melts mine. The joy of a father over his child. If that love is clear, how much more does God love us. 

We wanted to send you all our love and tell you all from the very deepest depths of our hearts... Thankyou very much. In Michael's language webare munonga. Thank you so so much for your constant love and support. For your prayers, for your financial input and gifts. We are truly beyond grateful. Through you all God has provided for us over and over and over again. He has provided finance when it is needed, He has provided strength when we are weak, He has provided reminders in the difficult times to lean on Him and so much more. 

Thankyou for loving me over the miles. Thankyou for loving Michael even though the majority of you have not yet even met him. Thankyou for loving Kimberly. Thankyou for loving this family. 

Quick prayer request. Rainy season is still upon us and unfortunately that means the mosquitoes are many. Though right now they seem to be the most mosquitoes we have ever had. Feeding Kimberly at night is an extra challenge trying to bat away mosquitoes. I have been bitten. I had managed to keep them away from her so far but she got a bite this week. Please stand with us in prayer that God will place His hand of protection over Kimberly and that she will not get sick as a result of the mosquito bite. And that He will work a miracle and protect our house from mosquitoes full stop. That  none may enter. 

Sending much love to you all from hearts overflowing,
Michael, Sarah and Kimberly Ampumuza. 

Oops. Short writings are not necessarily my strong point. Sending much love to you and Sue. A couple of photos attached. Kimberly at 2 weeks and a couple of days old. 


Little Amps aLittle Amps 2


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