Welcome to 2022!

It is so hard to believe that as a nation we are still under threat from a virus. But sadly it is true.

How great it is to know that we do have a foundation in our God that is strong, secure and unthreatened by anything!

Despite all!

We are still able to meet together on a Sunday morning at 10:30am. Our meetings are both Zoom and Room! in other words, we are attempting to hold a hybrid form of gathering with both in-person and remote parts of the church being able to function as one gathering. It is difficult, but we are slowly working though the issues and coming up with a solution that works well for the present.

If you want to join us in person, we just ask that you take a Lateral Flow Test before you come. If you want to join us on Zoom, then please contact Mark Lewis for the codes, using [email protected]


Week of Prayer:- “Seeking God for His Purposes in 2022.”

Please note that all the meetings will be Zoom-only for this special week.

Each day, midday and 7:30 pm.

To Join the Zoom Meeting click below:-

Or enter the ID and code below:-
Meeting ID: 879 2609 2781
Passcode: 599101